Customized WordPress theme, re-launch of artist’s site


My wife is a former biologist and full-time artist and mother.  Her website ( was comprised of static pages designed in iWeb 2.x.  Making changes to her site, especially changes iWeb wasn’t designed to implement, caused several issues:

  1. CSS entries were not contained in a central file or set of files, but rather in separate files for each page of her site.
  2. Determining where in a page to make an entry was a difficult task considering the excessive HTML tags iWeb implemented.
  3. When a change needed to be implemented that iWeb didn’t support, hacking the exported HTML was required. Sadly, these changes would be overwritten anytime we re-exported files from iWeb.

I convinced my wife to move her static-page website to a database-driven setup.  After seeing the full features of WordPress, including their Android application, we decided that was the direction in which we wanted to go.  After installing the app and adding her content (MUCH more content than I ever realized, by the way), our main concern was in configuring the aesthetics of the site.  The default twenty-twelve theme that currently ships with WordPress suited us just fine with regards to the overall layout, but we wanted to make some considerable modifications to the appearance.

After adding some custom CSS in conjunction with some modified plug-ins, I think we’ve finally got it.  Come check out her work at, and feel free to commission a pet portrait or house portrait!

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