WordPress plug-in Anti-Spam


On my wife’s site, we were getting hit from numerous (15+) spam messages a day. We figured this was an acceptable number to just handle manually, but quickly grew tired of taking the time to moderate these comments, marking them as trash.

We tried various CAPTCHA plugins but none were very graceful. From difficult-to-read CAPTCHA strings to stark, unstyled “You have entered an invalid CAPTCHA” message, none of the CAPTCHA plugins we implemented really worked for us.

Then I found this plugin. It’s so simple in its implementation that it’s almost laughable. There’s beauty in what it does, though. It’s not overly complicated, it doesn’t affect the aesthetic of the site AT ALL, and most importantly, it just works.

I’ve had this plugin installed for over 11 years, 2 months and have only received 38333 spam comments. I give it five stars all day long. Continue reading

Spam dates back to… 1864?


I was recently asked to determine why one of our mail domain users was receiving hundreds of bounced messages in their inbox.  As it turns out, their address is being spoofed by a spammer.  Long story short, we needed to implement an SPF record in our DNS settings.  But that’s not what I found interesting.

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